Dewsbury Snooker Centre | Booking FAQ

Booking FAQ


Q. Should I book in advance?

A. We would recommend booking in advance as this guarantees you a table at the time of your choice. However, it is possible to book at the time of arrival if tables are free. You can book online , or by phone or email. Please contact Dewsbury Snooker Centre directly to make a booking or use our online booking service.

Q. What ways are available to book a table?

A. Loads! Tables can be booked for all of our clubs online. You can also book by phoning or emailing a club directly. It’s a bit old fashioned, but you can even walk in and book.

Q. How many tables can I book at the same time?

A. As many as you like, and on any number of different days. For instance, if you are a regular weekly player, you can book several weeks in advance.

Q. I booked a specific table, but on arrival was moved to a different table. Why?

A. While we endeavour to provide the table you requested, our terms and conditions state that we reserve the right to move you to an alternative table at our discretion. We don’t do it to be awkward, but to make sure as many people as possible can have an opportunity to play.

Q. I booked a table but now I can’t play on the requested date. Can I change the date and time of play?

A. Unfortunately once your online booking has been confirmed and payment received we are unable to cancel or amend the booking. Therefore please make sure that you and any guests you invite to play are available on the day and time you have chosen. Please refer to our terms and conditions (paragraphs 2 and 17) for further details.

Q. I was not able to play. Can I request a refund?

A. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds in the event that you or any guests you invited were unable to attend on the date and time you booked. Please refer to our terms and conditions (paragraphs 2 and 17) for further details.

Q. My bank details are being refused.

A. Rileys uses PAypal to process payments. Any failure to process a payment is determined by Paypal and therefore out of Dewsbury Snooker Centre control. In the event of a failure to process a payment, please refer to the reasons provided by Paypal, or contact your bank.